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Let's collaborate!

Do you want to be a Piccolino Market brand rep?

I love working with fellow mamas who love our brand and want to promote our bonnets on social media in exchange for free products.

If you think you have the photography skills and love our brand and sharing photos of your child on social media, you are welcome to enter!

To enter:

1. Follow us on Instagram (handle: piccolinomarket)

2. DM me on Instagram (no emails please) and tell me about your little one - name, age, location, and favorite things to do.

3. Mention your Instagram handle and name.

4. If I feel your photos and following would be a good fit for my brand, I will DM you on Instagram and tell you what month we can collaborate. Three entries will be chosen each month. By entering, you agree to having your images featuring our bonnets shared on our website and in our promotion on our social media platforms and to the terms outlined below.

The Terms:

1. Purchase a bonnet at full price.

2. Receive 2+ bonnets in addition to your mandatory purchase and a 15% discount code good for our collaboration month to use for yourself and to share with followers, friends, and family.

3. In exchange, you will share a minimum of 3 high quality, crisp, unfiltered images with natural lighting and minimal styling that makes our bonnets stand out, as well as promotion of our brand and engagement in your feed.

Thank you for your consideration!